My pregnancy was wonderful. I felt healthier than any other time in my life. My baby was due on September 10th, and this is the day I started having contractions. They were like feathers compared to the real thing, and made me giggle. I felt like I was being tickled from the inside. They got stronger and stronger, and on the morning of the 14th, I knew this would be the day.

I had invited my best friend Kathy, and my mother. My neighbors were also there to take pictures. At about noon, the rushes had gotten real strong, and I couldn’t stand the feeling of my clothes. I got naked, and while my mom and Kathy filled the pool, my partner Brandon and I rode through the next few rushes in our bed. He held me and massaged me, and it felt like great ocean waves were holding up our bed. Rushes of energy that felt so good.

I was ready to get into the pool before it was ready for me, and I walked into the living room and got in while Kathy’s son, Bhajan (now almost 2) held the hose filling the pool. He thought it was play time! Brandon and I got into the pool, and everything else faded away.

Through the whole labor, I didn’t notice any of the camera flashes, or the drama about the electric stove not working (our only source for heating the water, as our water heater had already run out). It was like Brandon and I were alone in a beautiful hot spring, and I caught flashes of Kathy and my mother every now and then. The rushes came stronger and stronger, and I felt God’s hand working my body. I felt so blessed to be part of the creation miracle!

Brandon held me up from behind, and I felt our baby’s head coming more and more with each rush. I was so amazed at how good I felt. I wanted it to last longer, and kept saying ‘this is beautiful- this is amazing!’ Brandon and I melted into one, and I stared into Kathy’s eyes. So nice to have a sister there to catch my baby, and holding my mom’s hand gave me so much strength.

Bhajan had one leg bent up ready to jump in the pool, and his beaming eyes guided me through intense rushes. We aumed, and it really brought our group into one being. Singing mantras to Tara – the Bhudda of compasion.

My baby’s head was coming now, and I could feel the bulge with each rush. Then, a head came half way out, and didn’t go back in like it had before. The peace I felt between rushes was like none I had ever felt before. I melted into Brandon’s chest for what seemed like hours, not hearing anything but his heartbeat, until the next rush came. And a whole head now, between my legs and under water. I reached out to touch my baby, and the feeling I felt then was indescribable. So ancient and knowing, and trust and faith. The head felt so soft, and turned, and we waited, and waited. The longest pause yet between the rushes.

Then, my baby shot out – right into Kathy’s arms. It was in a fully in tact sack, which Kathy pulled away. She passed my baby to me, and I unwrapped the cord. staring into my baby’s eyes we made such a deep spirit connection, making psychic tyes, and I felt the ancientness of her soul. We have known each other many times before. It seemed like an eternity that we stared into each other’s eyes, deeply connecting.

I knew she was a girl, and didn’t bother to check until everyone asked. And I checked, and confirmed what I knew – a beautiful healthy girl. She didn’t want to nurse right away, just licked me. She let out a big cry, cleared her lungs, and we sucked fluid from her nose and mouth so she could breathe more easily. Brandon and I and our new shiney baby sat in the pool for about a half hour more until I delivered the placenta, and we moved to the bedroom. We cut the cord about 45 minutes after Jaya was born. She was so alert right from the start. Huge blue eyes! and so healthy.

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It was truly an amazing experience. And to share it with my closest sister and my mother felt like ancient tribal tradition. It made the close bond I have had with my mother even stronger, and I am so honored to have such am amazing and strong sister to catch my baby. Jaya is an amazing soul, so wise and gentle.

I felt no pain or fear through the whole trip, and I hope other women can read these birth stories and find courage to have unassisted births. It felt so good!

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