I have four children. Pampa is nine, Bahia is six, Selva is three and weaned at around two and a half years old. Nazareno breastfed exclusively for eight months, now at one year has learned to walk and eats a little fruit and bread and nurses all the time.

He was born at home, without midwives, because they are institutionalized, and don’t like such ideas. There was my husband, myself and God. It was wonderful, magic and sensual. When I pushed my baby out it was a generous orgasm. Nazareno shone.

We put our placenta in the earth of our garden, and in this place we planted a lemon tree. The aboriginals from Bolivia and Peru say plant a son’s placenta into the earth of the plantation, and he will love the work there. If it is a daughter, plant her placenta near the house and she will love working in her home.

I only believe in the power of Mother Earth, Pachamoma. I don’t depend on doctors, Nestle bottles, or the goodness of the establishment. Many women are blinded by ‘false liberation’ and the crazy run for money, thinking that motherhood is slavery. Wrong. The woman who has homebirth and breastfeeds a long time is using the power that Nature gave her. She is free and powerful.

We are far away in the Third World, and I am sorry my English is primitive.

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